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Help!  After porting to PC new entries don't make it into the Ledger

Question asked by AlexMason on Apr 30, 2012
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Help!  After porting to PC new entries don't make it into the Ledger



Please bear with me if I explain something poorly.  Recently, I installed a new copy of FM11 onto a PC.  I then made a copy of the of the file we had been using on our old emac (running FM7), copied it onto the PC and all was well.  

At some point, a not in-the-know employee entered new records onto the old emac version.  I again made a copy of the old file, put it on the PC and imported from a found set everything from the day she entered new records.  Aside from 2 duplicated being created in the found set, all seemed fine again.  I then took the most recent copy and put it on the emac, just to be sure.

Then today, when the ledger info was processed to do a week's worth of daily reciepts, strange things started happening.  Newly created member entries from before the second import would at random link ledger entries.  For instance, if I entered a $3000 amount on 4/26/12 in Mr. John Q. Smith's newly created account, the amount would also appear in Sam G. Dunn's entry.  

I assumed something went wrong with the importation of the new member entries.  As an experiment, I deleted one of the new member records throwing wrong Ledger entries and manually entered it as a new record.  Now, when I run the script Setup Receipts Report, these newly created records' entries do not show up in the Ledger.  It seems as though these ledger records are not linking/making it into the ledger file per say.

This is fairly catastrophic, as these reports are used for several things, including putting paid members on the list to recieve the magazine that comes as part of their membership.  

ANY help or ideas would be great.