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Help!  Can Users of my Database create and save their own records using premade template parts?

Question asked by UniteHumanity on Feb 8, 2010
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Help!  Can Users of my Database create and save their own records using premade template parts?


Hi everyone,


Thank you so much for reading, hopefully someone out there can help.  I am very new to FileMaker and have the graphics-part down, but really need help with the nuts-and-bolts of it all.


I have included links to a few images of what I'm reffering to so you can get a visual idea , anyone familiar with FileMaker will hopefully know an easy solution to my quandry. 


Thus far I have a primary database of about 50 Parent records; each record will have its own “identity” comprised of contact info, a unique checkbox profile, and a picture(s).  The graphic entitled “Table 1: Parent Record” visually represents what one of these Parent records looks like.   It is my desire to have Users of my site be able to search through these Parent records (via a FileMaker Search Panel I've construced) by location or name (based on contact info), or by checking certain checkboxes.


My main need however is with the “Child Table”, a page of information specific to each Parent record.  Each Parent record will have its own unique Child Table.  I want to construct a FileMaker button on each Parent record linking it directly with its Child Table.   My  main question is: is there any way that I can have Users of my site construct and save a Child Table themselves using my premade blue tiles?  My wish & hope & dream is that Users can log into my database and, via a handy "New" button create a new Child Table using my blue tile templates and then save it in a Parent record.  Into these blue tiles will be entered information and pictures of unique Items.  As you can see in the graphic, each blue tile Item has its own unique set of fields, is this correct?  Each tile will be unique from all others, as will the information within each field, so I assumed this was correct.


Any information at all would be tremendously, incredibly appreciated.


Thank you thank you!



Table 1: Parent Record  -


Child Table  -