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    HELP!  Cannot Export Records from Web



      HELP!  Cannot Export Records from Web



           I'm very  new to Filemaker and can't seem to figure out the solution to my problem.  I have a web page that calls a script
           "tlcompleters".  the script basically goes to the last record in the dates table, and sets a global variable equal to the "completeddate" field.  I perform a find, searching for records equal to the global variable.  I then export and email those records in csv format.  The script works if i run it from the client, but it will not work if i run it from a web page.  I've read a few post and understand that the "Export Records" function is not compatible with web publishing.  I was hoping that someone has a work around for this OR perhaps could a web publishing script call a client script to export the records?   Below is my script, any help is truely appreciated!!!!!

           /* web page call to script
               $scriptName = 'tlcompleters';
               $script_object = $fm->newPerformScriptCommand($layoutName, $scriptName);
               $script_result = $script_object->execute();


           /* client script
           Go to Layout ["dates" (dates)]
           Go to Record/Request/Page [Last]
           Set Variable [$$completeddate; Value:dates::completeddate]
           Go to Layout ["students" (regstu)]
           Enter Find Mode []
           Set Field [regstu::completeddate; $$completeddate]
           Set Error Capture [On]
           Perform Find []
           Set Variable [$docpathtlcompleters; Value:Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "tlcompleters.csv"]
           Export Records [No dialog; "$docpathtlcompleters"; Macintosh]
           Send Mail [Send vial E-mail Client; No dialog; To: jane.doe@xxx.edu; Subject: "TL Completers Export"; Message "see attachment"; "$docpathtlcompleters" (NOT COMPATIBLE)]