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HELP!  IF Condition only reads the first record from another portal

Question asked by DranLang on Aug 28, 2013
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HELP!  IF Condition only reads the first record from another portal


     Good morning everyone!  Got a situation where my IF condition won't work on other records aside from the first record from another portal.

     I have two portals from two different layouts (the portals also uses different table), my problem is when I used my IF condition written as: IF(NATIONAL_SALES =LOCAL_SALES::Sales_Desc; LOCAL_SALES::Sales_Price).

     I wanted to auto display the value of the Sales_Price automatically when an Item is selected from a drop downlist.  My first layout which contains the first portal uses the LOCAL_SALES table and the second uses the NATIONAL_SALES table.  The first portal contains two fields (Item and Price).  In the second portal I have four fields (Item, Price, Qty and Amount), the Item is a dropdown list which when clicked will show the Items from the first portal and when I choose an Item, the Price field will display the Price for that item as shown in the first portal.  I used the IF condition above but it only shows the Price for the first record from the first portal and the succeeding items doesn't display the prices for the corresponding items from the first portal (in the first layout).

     Any help/ ideas is highly appreciated.