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Help!  Weird bug (?)

Question asked by CarlisleLandel on Apr 9, 2014
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Help!  Weird bug (?)


     I have this very weird problem occurring with my FMP 12 database.  FYI its being served via Server.

     I have three tables.

     Table 0 has a set of text fields of DNA sequence, i.e., strings of the characters A, T, G, or C

     Table 1 has a text field of DNA sequence that is the same as one of the fields in Table 0 that is 16 characters long.  There are 16 more text fields that representing the value at each of the 16 positions.  These are calculated when the record is created.

     Table 2 is essentially a duplicate of Table 1 (the reason for duplicating it is complicated and I don't think important here) that is filled by Set Field script functions.

     Now, here's the issue.  

     Randomly, a record is created in Table 2 that doesn't duplicate; instead the first text field consists of text, or part of the text, from one of the other text fields in Table 0.  (It took me quite a while to figure that out.) The 16 other fields are parsed out correctly from the bogus sequence.

     It is as if there are ghost records in Table 1 being copied into Table 2, but they aren't there when I search for them.

     I'm at a complete loss regarding what is going on.  Can anybody help?  All I've been able to do is flag the record with conditional formatting if the value in Table1 doesn't equal that in Table 2.