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HELP! (: Relationship issue not understood to begin with

Question asked by dekade1 on Dec 29, 2008
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HELP! (: Relationship issue not understood to begin with


You did not understand my issue. I have tried to rephrase it for clarity.


Here's what I've got. Read each step at a time to see where I'm coming from.


1)    I am viewing a record in(Table A).

2)    On the record there is a portal (Table B).

       The portal is a relationship to (Table A)

3)    One field of a portal row is a (Table B)customer ID number.

4)    One field of the same portal row is a (Table B) 'piece quantity'

5)    I then perform a FIND via a script(while in a layout in Table A). The script references the (Table B)customer ID number field in the portal. The scripted FIND brings up a found set of(Table A) records. In the found set each(Table A) record is the same customer ID number

6)    That set of found records is then displayed in a different (Table A) layout in List Form

7)    I now have a list of different (Table A) records and they all have the same customer ID number

8)    Next, With (Table A) now in List Form I have a field on each record in the new layout for the found set that is (Table A) 'customer piece quantity'

9)    PROBLEM: I cannot get the (Table B) 'piece quantity' field to show up on a record in the new layout. (Table B) 'piece quantity' needs to show up in the (Table A) 'customer piece quantity' field.


For some reason I am missing the relationship here and cannot figure out what it is.


I Hope this make things clearer.