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    HELP! (: Relationship issue not understood to begin with



      HELP! (: Relationship issue not understood to begin with


      You did not understand my issue. I have tried to rephrase it for clarity.


      Here's what I've got. Read each step at a time to see where I'm coming from.


      1)    I am viewing a record in(Table A).

      2)    On the record there is a portal (Table B).

             The portal is a relationship to (Table A)

      3)    One field of a portal row is a (Table B)customer ID number.

      4)    One field of the same portal row is a (Table B) 'piece quantity'

      5)    I then perform a FIND via a script(while in a layout in Table A). The script references the (Table B)customer ID number field in the portal. The scripted FIND brings up a found set of(Table A) records. In the found set each(Table A) record is the same customer ID number

      6)    That set of found records is then displayed in a different (Table A) layout in List Form

      7)    I now have a list of different (Table A) records and they all have the same customer ID number

      8)    Next, With (Table A) now in List Form I have a field on each record in the new layout for the found set that is (Table A) 'customer piece quantity'

      9)    PROBLEM: I cannot get the (Table B) 'piece quantity' field to show up on a record in the new layout. (Table B) 'piece quantity' needs to show up in the (Table A) 'customer piece quantity' field.


      For some reason I am missing the relationship here and cannot figure out what it is.


      I Hope this make things clearer.

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             I am not sure I can help but tell me two things:  (1) what is your match field between Table A and Table B??  [Customer ID??]  (2)  How is theTable A field Table A-Customer Piece Quantity defined.......jus a text field??  a calculated field??  

             Something to TRY...like I said no guarantees..... define the Table A field (Table A-Customer Piece Quantity) as an auto enter by calculation  with the calculation being the name of the Table B field, Table B-:Piece Quantity

            It might work then..............not sure.

          :smileyhappy:  Good Luck!

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            Hi ttumbles:


            Does the following help you to see my issue any more clearly?


            1)  TABLE A is Raw Materials

            2)  TABLE B is Raw Materials Inventory

            3)  TABLE B, as a portal, can be seen on each Table A record via 'layout 1'

            4)  The relationship is: Table A, Field: RMID (auto create Raw Material ID) and Table B, Field: RMID (auto create Raw Material ID)

            5)  There is only one TO of Table B

            6)  There is only one TO of Table A

            7)  Table B (Raw Material Inventory) Master Layout contains these fields:

                 Customer Number (data exists as a result of an earlier separate portal entry)

                 RMINVID (auto create Raw Material Inventory ID)

                 Part Number (as "displayed data" from Table A Raw Materials)

                 Piece Quantity (data exists as a result of an earlier separate portal entry)

            8)  Table A (Raw Materials) Layout 1 contains these fields:

                 Customer Number Search (in the Header part) (text entered by user)

                 Customer Number (Main Body) (data exists as a result of some of the steps of the scripted FIND in the Table A) The FIND was generated on layout 1 - in the portal - and in the portal row 'customer number' field)

                 RMID (Main Body) (auto create Raw Material ID)

                 Part Number (Main Body) (text entered by user)

                 Customer Piece Quantity (Main Body) (This is what I want to show from Raw Materials Inventory)


            In Summary:


            I do a scripted portal FIND in the customer number field in the portal in Layout 1 in Raw Materials. The scripted find returns a found set of all Table A Raw Materials that have the same customer number as entered manually in Customer Number Search in Table A Raw Materials. Layout 1 displays the results in List Form.


            Now, here is where I am stuck. I can see the RMID and the part number but I cannot see the Customer Piece Quantity that was on the same portal row that the scripted find found the 'customer number' per my manual data entry in the field 'Customer Number Search'.


            Does this help? I sure do want it to help you. Whatever you need from here on I will continue to my best to describe what I'm doing.


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              Thank you for your post.


              Your setup is very straight-forward.  If the found set of records isn't showing anything in the portal, then the RMID in those found set of records in Raw Materials table is not found in the Raw Materials Inventory table.


              In one of your found records, what is the RMID value?  Now, go to the Raw Materials Inventory layout and search for that RMID value in RMINVID.  Is a record found?  If so, then perhaps the relationship is not set up properly.  Go to Manage Database, click on the Relationship tab, and make sure the RMID field is connected to the RMINVID field.  If this is correct, make sure there isn't a second field also connected.  If so, then the relationship would be set up based upon BOTH fields.


              Any additional information would be appreciated.



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