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Help! Change flat file to relational? (newbie alert)

Question asked by MarkusWinter on Jan 19, 2011
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Help! Change flat file to relational? (newbie alert)


Hi all,

another newbie question I'm afraid.

I had a look at the databases our lab has set up, and unfortunately they are basically glorified spreadsheets - so for example it looks like this

product A ordered by

ABC Maria
AGG Maria Nova

where Maria and Ron are simply entered text. So I see two problems:

  • sometimes the same person is entered under different names (for example with or without family name) or simply misspelled

  • there should be a table "people" and each name should just be a link to the table entry

So my questions are:

- is there a way to clean up the database?

- is there a way to batch replace names with table entries

I should note that there are several such databases, each with 2,000 to 5,000 entries, so I would not want to do this by hand.



P.S. In my defense: I'm currently working my way through some tutorials (boring as heck - they seem tailored to someone who sees a computer for the first time) and nothing has come up yet to help me with my problem.