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Help! Does Filemaker know SQLrequests?

Question asked by BarbaraMaier on Aug 3, 2011
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Help! Does Filemaker know SQLrequests?



I'm new to Filemaker 11 PRO and I've used it for a few days (Filemaker 11 PRO Demoversion).

But I still don't know if Filemaker can do the same task like SQLrequests.

I use this template in Filemaker it's called 'administrations for contact persons' (I don't know how it is really called in english, because I use the german version). At 'showing contacts with the same data:' ('related contacts)' I 've tried to do the same tasks like SQLrequests. So what I need is:

I want to select my query e.g. by 'name' AND 'company name' AND 'place'. How do I do this?

I'm really desperate! I really like Filemaker, but I don't understand it yet! Please help!Cry

Best wishes