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    Help! Does Filemaker know SQLrequests?



      Help! Does Filemaker know SQLrequests?



      I'm new to Filemaker 11 PRO and I've used it for a few days (Filemaker 11 PRO Demoversion).

      But I still don't know if Filemaker can do the same task like SQLrequests.

      I use this template in Filemaker it's called 'administrations for contact persons' (I don't know how it is really called in english, because I use the german version). At 'showing contacts with the same data:' ('related contacts)' I 've tried to do the same tasks like SQLrequests. So what I need is:

      I want to select my query e.g. by 'name' AND 'company name' AND 'place'. How do I do this?

      I'm really desperate! I really like Filemaker, but I don't understand it yet! Please help!Cry

      Best wishes


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          FileMaker doesn't support direct use of SQL in queries, but you can enter find mode, specify your criteria and then perform the find to pull up a found set of records.

          In you case, you'd enter find mode, enter a name in the name field, a company name in the company field and a place in the place field to pull up a found set of all records with that name, company and place.

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            how do I do this in detail? Because I'm a newbie to Filemaker and I would like to

            continue using Filemaker.

            May you help me? I know it's not difficult, but I'm new so please show me how to manage


            Thank you in advance!


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              Go to a layout where you have the two fields.

              At the top of yoru screen, click the Find button.

              You should now see what looks like a blank record on your layout. FileMaker uses a kind of "query by example" interface so you can now enter data that you want fileMaker to "match" to the records in the layout's table.

              Enter the names into the fields

              At the top of the screen the Find button now reads "perform find". Click it.

              That's all there is to it.


              This is one of the real gems/major headaches to FileMaker's basic interface design. It means that your users can perform simle straight forward queries of your database without you having to do a single second of design work to support it as it is built in. On the other hand, when your solution requires using complex criteria matched against records in multiple related records, there's a point at which this "simple, easy to use" interface is anything but and it's not uncommon for a developer in such a position to wish for the ability to use SQL to produce the desired found set...

              These queries can also be performed in a script where the script steps mirror these same manual steps inside a script. There are numerous examples of scripted finds posted here in this forum. These can include calcualtions to deterimine what criteria should be used and can also use criteria input into fields by the user.