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HELP! Google Maps screen covered and too zoomed in

Question asked by StephBell on Jan 30, 2015
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HELP! Google Maps screen covered and too zoomed in



I have been working with FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 for a couple of months now and I know there are loads of other forum post's about this but they all seem rather over complicated where mine is very simple so they don't seem to apply to my issue (I may just be being REALLY stupid but we all have to learn at some point!)

Ok so here is the issue, I set up my my Web View and clicked on "Google Maps (UK)" and filled out the setting on the right hand side and it seems to work correctly:

"" & "q=" & /*Address=*/ CRISA_Sites::Address & "," & /*City=*/ CRISA_Sites::Town & "," & /*Postal Code=*/ CRISA_Sites::Postcode & "," & /*Country=*/ CRISA_Sites::Country

But when it loads it is really zoomed in, its in Map mode not satellite mode and also the screen is covered in the address bar and drop down menu and stuff. I just want it to be a plain map in satellite mode of the address.

Any help would be great!