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    Help! I've lost a table...



      Help! I've lost a table...


      Hi yall

      I've lost a table of my database Yell

      One of the tables of my database has disappeared. It's still there though I guess since two layouts based on this table are still there and still work?!
      The only place where I can find this table is when I go to "Manage", "Database". It is shown in "Tables", "Field" and "Relationships".
      But neither in the Layout dropdown menu, neither in "View", "Go to Layout" nor in "Manage"; "Layouts..."
      It's driving me crazy.

      Anyone to help me, please?

      Thank you


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          There's a difference between a data source table and a "table occurrence". The boxes you see in Manage | database | Relationships are table occurrences. The tables listed in Manage | Database | Tables and in the Table drop down of Manage | Database | Fields are data source tables.

          Each Table Occurrence in the relationships section refers to a data source table. Many different table occurrences can refer to the same data source table--that's so you can define multiple relationships bewteen the same two data source tables.

          Layouts do not refer to data-source tables directly. Show Records From in Layout setup... instead refers to Table Occurrences. This is true of almost all "table" drop downs found throughout FileMaker except for the one in Manage | Database | Fields.

          Thus, it's very possible that you can't find your "table" because there no longer exists a Table Occurrence of that name in your Relationships graph, even though there is a data source table of that name.

          After you get this figured out, you might want to explore this tutorial to learn more about how table occurrences control the appearance and function of FileMaker databases: 

          Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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            Hi Jean,

            Go to your relational graph and see if you can find it there.  I suspect that the table occurrence has been deleted (which is not same as the table being deleted). 

            If the occurrence is deleted then layouts can't find it.  Also on your layouts, select Layouts > Setup and be sure they point to this table occurrence once you recreate it (in the Show Records From pop-up).

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              Thanks to both of you for yours answers.

              I'm not sure I made myself clear.

              I join to this post a few screen captures to be more precise.
              As you can see, my table "Chiffres" appears in my table liste (pic1). I understand this is what is called a "data source table".
              I have its full definition as seen in pic2.
              In the relation graph, I only have ONE occurence of this "Chiffres" table (pic3).
              But when I look for it in my layouts list (pic4), oups it's not there. Ah yes, I might have unchecked it in the "Manage Layouts" window (pic5). But no, as you can see it simply isn't there either.

              It is true that I never created a layout called "Chiffres" to input values in the records of this table. I only created a layout called "Introduction des chiffres" (pic6) which only fills some of the fields since most of the fields of this table are calculated fields.

              Is this the explanation to the fact that "Chiffres" doesn't appear anywhere? Should I create such a layout to be able to see the full content of this data source table?

              As you can see, I ain't what I would call a pro of FileMaker ...

              Ah, I forgot to say I'm using FileMaker Pro 10, but I reckon it's not such a big deal.

              Again, thanks a lot to both of you for your help.




              pic3pic4pic5 pic6

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                At the time you define a new data source table, Filemaker automatically creates a table occurrence of the same name and a layout of the same name as that data source table. If you later change the name of the data source table or the table occurrence, this does not automatically change the name of the layout that refers to it. In like manner, changing the layout's name, does not change the data source table and table occurrence names and Show Records From in Layout Setup... will still refer to the same table occurrence--even if you change the table occurrence's name.

                I can't tell exactly what sequence of events caused your layout to be missing, but do know that if you renamed the layout from Chiffres to something else, deleted the layout, or renamed the data source and table occurrences for this table to Chiffres when it was originally named something else, you would get the results you have here.

                I can see 4 different layouts that refer to the Chiffres table occurrence, so what I described above could have involved any one or none of these existing layouts.

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                  Thank you so much.

                  My understanding is getting better Sourire.

                  I guess I might in fact have worked on my originally created "Chiffres" layout, changing it to become what I have probably renamed "Introduction des chiffres".

                  I don't remember doing so but it was months ago and it looks like the most probable explanation. I'll think of this next time I do such things Clin d'œil

                  It's great to find people like you who just help. I do appreciate