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Help! Kiosk-type set up to website

Question asked by KMonstre on Jul 14, 2009
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Help! Kiosk-type set up to website


I have recently returned to Filemaker (9) and have built a kiosk-type solution that allows data to be accessed, by the general public and registered customers, at a terminal.  Sales are dumped and it is updated with new products nightly.


We would like to put the kiosk on the web using MySQL/PHP or ASP (and do the same type of update and data dump as the kiosk).  I understand we can transfer data between MySQL and FM9 which would work to maintain the data once everything is re-created, however I am hoping there is a way to easily make the web solution appear the same as the I have to rebuld the whole thing in a web app and then back it into MySQL?


Ultimately I am hoping both the data, behaviours and the appearance can be converted without a rebuild...pretty please tell me it can be so!  Tell me there is an "OK" button out there runs something that does that..:)