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    HELP! Need to track graduate students!



      HELP! Need to track graduate students!


      All, I am new to this forum.  I work at a university and have just begun a position in which I will be doing academic advising of graduate students in a new program.  Does anyone in this forum currently work in higher ed, and use FMP for tracking students? We do NOT have any relational databases in our institution, so we want to create our own at the department level.   I would love to communicate with anyone who uses FMP for this purpose!


      Thank you!

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          My work consists of t"racking" undergrad students at a major 4-year university.

          I've written and maintain FileMaker databases for several programs funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education.


          The word "tracking" can mean abouit  a billiion different things, eh?

          If you'd like to exchange greetings via e-mail, I'd be happy to spout a few suggestions.

          If youi've gotten anything started, leet me know that too or if yoiu just have some questions.*

          Whatever you want to do.  Probably better to just e-mail each other rather than clutter up the forum.


          Don't be surprised if I can't answer all of them.  Don't be surproised if I can answer a few.


          If I can help withiout gettging overly committed, I'd be glad to.