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Help! Recover deleted records?

Question asked by LMGD on Apr 26, 2009
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Help! Recover deleted records?


Using Filemaker Pro 8.5. ext .fp7


Ok, I accidentally clicked on "delete all records" instead of "delete record". After I noticed I could not undo, I immediately went and made a copy of the physical file, hoping the changes didn't flush to the file. When I open the copy/or recover it/save as compact, it does something internally and the filesize drops significantly (%20?). I'm hoping it works something like the windows file system where only the master index table was altered but the data is still there somewhere (in which case I can code something to scan for the data).


Is there anyway to recover the data? or dump all data blocks (reguardless of integrity) to a readable plain text format?


The table structure and relations etc. are not important, all I need back is the raw data, EVEN if its corrupted/damaged/partially overwritten.



 I) The “Save as Compacted Copy” is the easiest and most effective fix for many cases. This process will copy all of the data and rebuild the tree structure of the database. This may cause data that should have been deleted to reappear if data was not correctly deleted.