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HELP! Set field script

Question asked by developerS on Aug 12, 2010
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HELP! Set field script



I am using Filemaker Pro 11. I created a database that contains a number of forms. It is for personal evaluation/testing purposes of our products.

The customer will navigate through two pages, here's what will happen:

1) they will enter the home page (there is drop down menu and a button)

2) they will select the product they wish to evaluate fro the drop down (eg. ipod touch, ipod nano, canon camera, etc.)

3) they will click the button "Evaluate now", which will lead them to the evaluation form.

Note: the specifications of the product (memory, size, battery life, etc) is already entered in another table called products and it shares a relationship with the Evaluation form. In this form, once the product name is entered the relationship populates all other fields.

Now what I want is to eliminate this step for the customer, I want them to just select the product from the drop-down list on the home page and once they click "evaluate now" it populates the field "product name" with the selection.

I wrote a script, but for some reason it's not working, can someone tell me if what im doing is right or wrong? here it is:

Go to Layout ["Evaluation Form" (Evaluation Form)]

New Record/Request

Set Field [Evaluation Form::Product Name;GetField(Home::Product)]

--->"Home" is the Layout name of my home page and "Product" is the drop down

---> "Evaluation Form" is the Layout name of the evaluation form and "Product name" is the field I want to populate with the drop-down selection.

Please let me know if any of this sounds confusing. Thanks!!