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HELP! Simple map database needed to be done!

Question asked by MichaelRichman on Jan 7, 2012
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HELP! Simple map database needed to be done!


Hello, one and all,


I am retired from the fire department due to my disability; however, I like to keep up-to-date with the goings-on over at the stations. I listen to my scanner constantly and always keep an ear out for any reports of fires or chases going on within the county. With that being said, I requested and received a book filled with almost all of the street names in Rockdale County, along with some graph-like maps that were included with the names.

I was thinking that you guys that have more expertise could help me out with an idea that I have, considering the fact that it has to do with a database.

I want to make a database of all the street names, including their corresponding maps, and I want to be able to search for a street name and pull up the map that goes along with it. For example, for Bryant Rd. NE, I want to be able to type in "Bry" and have the option of Bryant Rd. pulled up, along with the choice of opening the map file as a JPEG, GIF, or PDF file. Some street names have more than one page/map to go along with it, and I would like to have the option of choosing a specific map.

Would you be able to help me out with this, by chance? It'd be really awesome if you could.