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    Help! Values list deleted!



      Help! Values list deleted!


      I was working on my database - and it's mostly just a database because I don't have a clue how the scripting/buttons/etc. works - but i had an extensive set of data values tnat I used as a kind of index with a check box. I went to edit it and i guess i accidentally hit "delete" - which is rather ridiculous if you think about it, that there wasn't even anything asking me if I really wanted to delete it - and *poof.* Gone. Please tell me there's a way to reload it. When i go to edit layout and go to the check box values options it's not there.

      I have FM Pro 11. Just downloaded the 11.2 update about an hour ago.

      Best regards, and please help!

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          You will need to create another value list.  Go To File > Manage > Value Lists and if it isn't listed there then select New.  Since you indicate that you had an extensive set of data values that you used as an index, then you will want to next select "use values from Field' and select your table for the left pop-up and that field for the value.  Below specify 'all values'.

          Then return to your field and select your new value list again (Format > Field Control > Setup or by using Inspector).

          BTW, if when you deleted your value list, you would have selected 'cancel' to leave that box then your value list wouldn't have been deleted.  It would have asked if you wanted to discard or keep your changes.  But you are absolutely correct ... when you delete, it should ask you THEN.  Once you say OK your value list is indeed gone.  It is poor interface handling.