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Help!!  Line items report

Question asked by BenFletcher on Jan 7, 2011
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Help!!  Line items report


Perhaps a little clarification….

From all of my line items I would like to generate the following report…

Find all of the orthomoleculaire line items and report the total of each factuur (bill) As you can see in the screenshot below each factuur or bill can contain many different types of categories but I only want to report on the orthomoleculaire categorie and list the totals of only those

Factuur                                  BTW         Totaal

Factuur: 2011-3690          €  5,25      €  92,75

Factuur: 2011-3961           €17,20    €  304,00

so what you are getting is one entry instead of the 3 shown in the above sales slip, bill or whatever you want to call it and the totals of the found set instead of the totals for the entire bill or sales slip.