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    Help!!  Line items report



      Help!!  Line items report


      Perhaps a little clarification….

      From all of my line items I would like to generate the following report…

      Find all of the orthomoleculaire line items and report the total of each factuur (bill) As you can see in the screenshot below each factuur or bill can contain many different types of categories but I only want to report on the orthomoleculaire categorie and list the totals of only those

      Factuur                                  BTW         Totaal

      Factuur: 2011-3690          €  5,25      €  92,75

      Factuur: 2011-3961           €17,20    €  304,00

      so what you are getting is one entry instead of the 3 shown in the above sales slip, bill or whatever you want to call it and the totals of the found set instead of the totals for the entire bill or sales slip. 


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          Base your report on your Portal's table instead of what you set up for your screen shot. On that layout, you can perform a find (by hand or in a script) for just the line item records you want. Your find can specify criteria from the related invoices table if you need to. Summary fields can then be used to compute totals and sub totals.

          Here's a tutorial on Summary reports of this type, if such reports are new to you:  Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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            Thanks for your answer! Yeah I am basing my report on the line items table and not on the sales table (which is shown in the screen shot) but I showed that to show that each sale has different types of things in it. I can find and report without much problem, but I can't get each sale down to one line. Instead I'll end up with a different number line items showing up per order which is going to take up a lot of room. So what's really holding me up is consolidating each order to one line in the report. I've sorted by everything I can think of but still end up with a separate line in the report for each line item in the same sale... 

            Feel like I'm rambling but I'm trying to be as clear as possible (-: 

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              From your original post, I took it to be that you only wanted those line items of a specific category--which can be controlled by performing a find that includes criteria specifiying just that category so that the other items are omitted.

              If such a find still leaves multiple rows for a given invoice and you want to see just one row per invoice or one row per category, you can add a Sub Summary part and remove the body layout part from this layout. This enables you to combine multiple rows of data with a common value in the "break" or "when sorted by" field specified for the sub summary part into a single row.

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                Correct that's what I want and had already gotten that far (-: You suggestion of a sub summary without a body part is one I haven't tried yet. Where would I need to put the client info and totals per bill at? Just re read your post and if I understand correctly I would put this info in the sub summary that I create and sort by it first and then the date and breaks for weekly, monthly etc.

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                  Cool  Rockin on! Thanks for all the help. Stupid  I didn't think of it myself!