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HELP!! Design Question!

Question asked by johndooley on Nov 2, 2012
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HELP!! Design Question!



     Hey there! Im new to this forum and with Filmaker Pro. Im currently still watching some tutorials I grabbed from


     My boss wants me to make a database for incoming calls to the office, where when someone calls, we launch the database and start entering information about who called, when, what they said, etc etc.

     I think making this is fairly simple, just make the appropriate fields right? But the key thing he wants from me is to make the database so that you cant continue to enter data into the next fields until you've inputed something in the given field. Kinda like popup messages: Type First Name, then Type Last Name, then Type What they said, etc. So you cant move on to enter data into the next fields UNTIL you've filled in the field you are first presented with. Is this possible to design with Filemaker Pro 12? Can someone please explain to me how? It would be very appreciated!


     Thank you!


     ps. sorry if Im posting in the wrong section here I just figure this would be something customy :P