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Help!! Filemaker 11 Advance is not multilenguage

Question asked by bioplant on Apr 10, 2010


Help!! Filemaker 11 Advance is not multilenguage


Hi! Everyone

I have a big problem, almost 2 o 3 weeks ago my company bought the last version of FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced via web, we were using the version 8.5 without problems for 4 years, our clients are Spanish native speakers and sometime English speakers.

When we see the new characteristics of FileMaker, specially the possibility to made charts, we do not think and bought the new upgrade. However, this version is not multi language, we saw these few days ago!! and now in few weeks we need to present the last database for some clients in Spanish, of course we can use the version 8.5 for built the runtime application, but we lost all our last modification for version 11, specially the visualization of charts.

I remember that we have a similar problem 3 o 4 years ago, and the solution was easy, we only download some package from FileMaker site, but now we can see nothing similar, may be now these solution is not ready... I don´t know

Any suggestion, please!

Am sorry my English is not perfect, I hope the mistake are not terribles