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Help!! Trying to add multiple image imports...

Question asked by dzyner on Mar 13, 2010
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Help!! Trying to add multiple image imports...


I'm trying to set up three additional image import areas in my layout and cannot figure out what I need to do differently to get the additional photos to import into their respective containers. Ive set up three additional fields (photo2, photo3, and photo4), and have experimented with the "Import Photo" button attributes and can't seem to make it work. Every time I try to import a photo into one of the new containers it replaces the photo in the original. My assumption is that the script the Import Photo button is set up to run is only set up to import the image into the original "Photo" field in the database. So how do I change the setting on the additional three containers' Import Photo buttons to get this to work, and am I going to have to also change settings on the Export Photo buttons on the additional three containers?


I'm using FMP Advanced version 10 on Mac 10.6.2. I've just started using FM so I'm VERY new to this environment. The template I'm using is a modified version of Product Catalog I believe. Let me know if you need more info.