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HELP!!!! Somebody who knows what they are talking about

Question asked by AaronRoss on Dec 6, 2011
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HELP!!!! Somebody who knows what they are talking about



Hey i am new to filemaker but i am picking up pretty quickly. I am good not great at writing scripts but i suck at making relationships between tables. i need help with a couple of things but plz know what you are talking about and talk dumb to me lol. The database i made is split up into four parts; Inside Sales,  Verifier,  Outside Sales, and Managers.

1. I have set up 50 possible accounts for inside sales to login to. Each account is scripted to go to a particular layout that equals the account name. The accounts names are permanent and can NOT be modified since they are attached to a navigation script. I want a way to create 50 user names that can be added, changed, or deleted by managers. The idea is that a manager can creates a user name  and assigns it to one of my 50 accounts. The username wil then populate in every layout created in that particular account. If needed, the manager can change something or delete the user without ever deleting the account itself.

ex: John Doe walks into the call center and says, "I want a job." the manager logins on his side, clicks [add user] and sets up John Doe. John Doe is then given by his manager a login and password. The login navigates to a layout that says, "welcome John Doe." in addition, every time he creates a new record, his name will automatically populate under a field named "repersentive." but then, one day John Doe tells himself he can't do it anymore and he quits. In walks Jan Doe and she says she wants a job. The manager simply logins under his account and clicks [delete user] some how he deletes John Doe and adds Jan Doe. Manager gives Jan Doe the same login and password and now her layout says, welcome Jan Doe. Keep in mind that this would have to support 50 users and web publishing.

2. The second thing I need help on is actually an extension of the fist thing I mentioned above. I need a way for a manager with none admin privileges to be able to add these usernames delete them and change them if needed. Also, I want his layout to be able to somehow  assign the username to any of the 50 accounts without bugging me. In addition, I need a calculation that would someone stop the manager from assigning a new user to an account that's already in use by another user.

plz note that's any solution has to work with web publishing. Also, the user names can be fields created in a table. I am not talking about the system usernames but if I can use that to assign multiple names that would be perfect. Also plz refrain from using a solution that deals with relationships. I have exhausted myself in trying to set up relationships with other tables. I simple just do not get it. lastly the users added and deleted would have to connect Somehow to a value list that would show up in other parts of the database. The idea is that when a manager adds a new user that info will show up in a drop down menu in another department using a different table.