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Help, don't know where to start!

Question asked by Julien_1 on Sep 6, 2013
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Help, don't know where to start!


     Hi guys, I am new to this software and it seems to be very promising. I am trying to design a programme which helps people revise for mandarin as one of the components of my computer science course.

     What I intend to do is to have a list of Mandarin vocabulary divided into different topics accompanied with their English meaning. The vocab will later be used in a flash card type game where users are able to test whether they have memorized the word (if possible implementation of timer). The results of your game will be saved and you can view your progress in a window.

     If possible I would also like to have an audio function where the words will be dictated to the user.

     I am not entirely sure whether filemaker pro is capable of doing all of this. It will be great if someone experienced can help me out! P.s. I have tried watching youtube videos, but they seem to require the user to enter the data themselves and not have a preset database, I am most probably wrong though!