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HELP, please!

Question asked by diecast on Sep 18, 2009


HELP, please!


I am using a program called Varooom! that is a diecast car collection database.  The basis of the program is FileMaker Pro 4.0.


The database was damaged apparently when I tried to put a photo into a data entry.  This feature was part of the program and had always worked before with never a problem.  I checked for viruses, etc. and this was not the case either.  Since the Varooom! program was made in 2000, there is no support or other information about it.  My  only hope is that folks familiar with FilemMaker might come to my assistance.


The program will not load and there is an error message that says to use a "Recover" command.  Many have tried to find this command to no avail.  I called FileMaker and was told that the database could only be recovered IF I could locate an old Filemaker Pro 4.0 program to retrieve the recover command.


I really hate to lose all the entries that are in the database.


Help, please!