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    Help, purchase order and items in preview



      Help, purchase order and items in preview


      Hi, this is my problem, i dont know what im doing wrong. Ill upload some images so you can see whats going on in case i cant explain it right LOL


      This is order 1 of a purchase order with 3 items:



       Now, when i go to see the form, i get 3 screens for order #1, instead of having only one with the 3 items (notice totals are for 3 items)




      When i click the preview button, its "almost" ok....just one record for order #1, but the 3 items are missing, i only get to see one of them:



      So, what am i doing wrong? I dont think this is normal. I just got my trial copy and im learning because i want to buy the program. But if this is normal, i dont think this software is what i need. Anyway, im pretty sure its not and im doing something wrong.


      Thank you very much!!