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HELP... inventory and contacts relationship problem

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Jun 22, 2015
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HELP... inventory and contacts relationship problem


HI all,

I'm trying to set up a new relationship that goes back and forth between my client (contact) table and my inventory (artwork). So far, as you can see attached, I am using "Artwork 2" and 'Clients 2" for this new relationship. I've always had issues when the table needs to be duplicated so it's probably part of that..

I'm trying to set it up so when a user enters a new inventory item (an artwork) in artwork, they select the name of the artist from my clients table. This is working fine with a popover, and the name is going into the layout artwork. I am using a script as part of the popover to try and set the new relationship, and it's working as far as the name is entered fine. However, my portal in clients, which is set to show related items from Artwork 2, is blank... it's supposed to show all artworks by a certain contact (artist).

Help!!!! thanks