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      Hello, I am a new user to filemaker pro. So I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to make a map/layout for a cemetery. Basically what im trying to do is make a simple map of the cemtery and then be able to input whos burried where, who owns what spot, date of death and so on and so forth. any ideas?

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          I've set up a zipcode map with a data field and tooltip for each zipcode zone to show how many customers came from that zipcode in the specified timezone that is similar to what you describe here.

          Once you have an acceptable graphic/arial photo/map of your cemetary to work with, you can place portals to your data over/near each plot to display data, you can use tool tip settings to display data. You can also overlay the map with invisible buttons that can either take the user to a different layout, open a small floating window or open a custom dialog to display information.

          You can use different script parameters with each such button and/or different portal filter expressions with each portal to enable this set up to display information specific to a given plot.

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            can you send me a copy of what youve done so i can get a bettter idea?

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              It's part of a much larger system and I don't have permission from the owner to distribute.

              It's not all that complicated to implement.

              Do you have a graphic/map/picture of your cemetary that will serve?

              Put it on a form view layout as a graphic layout object.

              Now put your controls on top of it. The buttons, fields, etc can be made transparent to keep them invisible when empty of data if you want.

              Much of the details to what you do next will depend on how the data you want to display is organized in your database and what you have created to use as a primary key to identify each cemetary plot. That's something that will be much different between what I did and what you will need to do.

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                Unfortunatly i do not have a map of it. ill try to figure something out tho.