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HELP:  Need arguments why FM is better than Access

Question asked by mmccarty on May 14, 2014
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HELP:  Need arguments why FM is better than Access



     I just started a new job and was immediately tasked with creating two database.  I told my manager that I've only ever worked in FM and using FM I could build the DBs in a few days.  He approved it but neither one of us knew the level of "red tape" that comes with getting a new software.  I need to put together an argument for buying FM for him to take up the chain of command.  Apparently, "A $350 software can accomplish the task in 2 days as oppose to a free software (Access) taking 2-3 weeks of man power" isn't going to work.

     I need to put together a good, solid, TECHNICAL arguement for why FM is better than Access.  Unfortunately, I've only done minor work in Access and really don't know much about it.  Here is what I have so far:

     1. Unlike Access, FM calculation fields can use data from related tables

     2. Subforms in Access can only show data from one related table.  FM portals can display data from multiple "downstream" related tables

     3. Unlike Access, FM can display fields from related tables on their layouts

Any additional arguements or corrections of my arguements would be soooooo helpful!!!! Or any benefits of FM over other DB softwares is good too. Because of red tape, FM Server is out, so please stick to just benefits of FM. 

     If I had known how many people had to get involved to buy FM, I would have just taught myself Access.  But at this point, I don't want to look like an idiot to my new manager and reverse my FM position.  Plus multiple people have seen my beautiful FM database, I will not be able to produce anything even half as good in Access and that doesn't reflect well on my eiher.