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    HELP: Calculation to reformat text



      HELP: Calculation to reformat text


           Hi Folks,

           Does anyone have a good way of taking the following text in a field:


           And in a CALCULATION field automatically format it into the following:











           So, basically, repeat the string minus the last section until you get to the end.

           This is a short example. I have many strings that may be 50 or 100 ‘underscores’ long.

           Any help would be appreciated.



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               The problem is that the length of your patter is not fixed. If it were fixed a calculation could be easily created, but to handle the variable length of up to 100 elements, you'd need a recursive custom function to "loop" through the items of your list. That, in turn, requires Filemaker Advanced in order to define and install such a function in a Filemaker file.

               Do you have filemaker advanced?

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                 I do have FM Advanced version 12. You describe exactly the problem I want to address. I have not yet found a custom function that'll do the job and am not sure of how to write my own. Any help?


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                   I am assuming that the results should appear as a list of values separated by returns.

                   //ListParse ( TheList )
                   //Use underscore as list separator and return list of values with one less list element in each subsequent value.
                   Let ( us = Position ( TheList ; "_" ; Length ( TheList )  ; -1 ) ; // Search right to left. 0 is returned if there are no underscores in TheList
                           Case ( not us ; TheList ;                                                                        // If no underscore, return entire parameter
                                      List ( TheList ; ListParse ( Left ( TheList ; us - 1 ) ) )  // Use recursion to return list of values
                                    ) // Case
                          ) // Let

                   If you passed the underscore character as a parameter to this function and modified the position function call to use it, you could parse lists with any number of different delimitting characters.

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                      Hey Phil,

                     I just tried this out this morning and it works perfectly -- but I guess you already knew that!!

                     I had tried a few different ideas but could not get it to drop the underscore for each subsequent value.

                     I like your last idea of passing parameters to the function. Could be useful for me down the road. I work in an engineering test lab and have to filter through a lot of repetitive information.

                     Thanks a million.


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                            but I guess you already knew that

                       Yes, I like most such requests, I created and tested it--using the example data you provided, in my Known Bugs List database and then left it there for interested parties to discover...