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    Help: Hide Field if Date > Dates.



      Help: Hide Field if Date > Dates.


           Hi Filemaker Gurus...

           Trying to execute a hide function on some date fields in FMP13 and really struggling... any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

           I have 15 date fields for different countries.
           In form view, I only want to show the date field that is closest to today's date and hide the other 14 countries.

           I've tried a few ways of doing it... but either everything disappears or shows. Any ideas?



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               Have you considered replacing these 15 date fields with 15 related records? You could then display them in a one row sorted portal. A portal filter could omit related records with dates that are now past and sorting can be used to put the upcoming date with the largest value first in the portal making it the only date visible on this layout.