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Help: How to organize table data for multiple users?

Question asked by TonyTrevisonno on Mar 18, 2015
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Help: How to organize table data for multiple users?


I am planning out a new database that will be hosted by FileMaker Server 13 and accessed by multiple users using FileMaker Pro and possibly WebDirect.
This is the scenario:
1. I have a table that stores a bunch of item numbers.
2. I have another table that stores parent/child relationships regarding the items in the item table.
3. A user performs a search and gets a bunch of results from the items table.
4. The user will select one or more items from the search results.
5. The user will click a button that says something like "Create BOM" or "Create Tree" -- you get the idea.
6. The script will then use the data in the parent/child table to build the tree and present the result to the user.
7. The building of the tree and its presentation to the user will be done in a separate table.
If the tree building table is stored on the server and my script imports the records to this table to build and display it, won't these records interfere with the records of another user if another user is also doing the same thing from their client? Do I need to have the tree building table stored locally on each client? The users will subsequently be manipulating and interacting with the records presented to them in the tree so I need to manage these records individually for each user. I'm not sure how I should organize this.
I hope that's enough info. Let me know if more details are required.