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Help: Template / Suggestions for Tracking Customer Order Inquiries?

Question asked by nspiro on Apr 16, 2010


Help: Template / Suggestions for Tracking Customer Order Inquiries?


I am relatively new to FM. However, my company recently purchased a license. I would like to use FM to track a customers order inquiry from fruition to completion. I have given a general overview of what the process would resemble below. Can any one recommend a prebuilt template to accomplish the following? Has or is someone currently doing something like this and would be open to sharing a generic template? All advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


1. Customer emails company because they have not received or are missing a product.

2. Customer Service acknowledges the customers issue via email.

3. Customer Service contacts the vendor where the order originated from.

4. Vendor responds to Customer Service via email to resolve the outstanding issue.

5. Customer Service contacts customer to inform and close the outstanding issue.

6. The emails, correspondences and contacts are logged and archived for future reference if needed.