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Helvetica Neue problems

Question asked by tatami on Sep 24, 2011
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Helvetica Neue problems


I’ve just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7. I’d been using Helvetica Neue (Postscript) and Helvetica Neue Bold (Postscript) in the various fields in my database. When I opened it, all the fields were displaying incorrectly. I’ve been to Layout view and changed the font from 55 Helvetica Roman to Helvetica Neue and that’s done the trick for almost everything. But I have two problems outstanding:

  1. In FileMaker’s fonts menu 55 Helvetica Roman and 75 Helvetica Bold are still listed even though they are not available. Helvetica Neue Bold, on the other hand, is not listed. How can I rectify this situation?
  2. In one of the fields, I had used both 55 Helvetica Roman and 75 Helvetica Bold. Is there a way of replacing 75 Helvetica Bold with Helvetica Bold (my database has almost 4,000 records so manually replacing the font is not viable)?


I’d appreciate your advice.