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Hi all, I 'm trying to build a simple database for managing outpatients. My problem is the...

Question asked by grouper on Apr 29, 2014


     Hi all,

     I 'm trying to build a simple database for managing outpatients. My problem is the following :

     the parent table has an ID which is unique for each new patient. I set up this interface in form view, added some new buttons for next/previous/new patient and works ok. However, each patient should have several visits at the office. In order to account for this, I created a child table  with an ID, a foreign key, (linked the keys in a 1-to-many relationship with parent), and some fields that should be repeated for each patient (i.e. visit date, clinical status, medication, physical examination). Besides the visit date, each of these fields is on a tab. Visit date is the most important field in the child, since each new one, should create a new possible value for the fields clinical status, medication, exam. In the form layout, I 'd like to create a field that would show all the exam dates for each patient listed beneath each other so that when i click on one, the relevant tabs in the i.e. exam would show the results for that date only. Also, I 'd like to include 2 buttons for creating and deleting a new visit date  (sort of like what the main buttons do for each patient, but these new buttons do the same thing for a visit, i.e. treating the visit date as a record). The field with the dates is not adjacent on the tabs, so I 'm not sure if i can use it with a portal.


     any help is appreciated