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Hi im new

Question asked by DazShaw on Jul 3, 2015
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Hi im new


Thanks in advance to any one who helps, I have 2x queries


1) when I run a script to save a pdf file is it possible to get the script to pick out certain criteria example

to save as Unique No followed by type ie its an invoice or case file

E.G 20112 Invoice or 20112 New Case and/or can I specify words to insert


2. I am using my onedrive to store docs as I get 1TB free with office 365.

Is it possible to set a script to a button that will direct to the cases folder eg; C:Wolf/Onedrive/Cases/  and add a folder called 20012 after the unique in the cases folder or if one is already there open it so files can be viewed


Again I appreciate any help rendered