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    Hi, everybody



      Hi, everybody


      This first question has to do with fonts between Windows, Mac and iPad-iPhones. I use Windows 7 and FMPA 12, I do not have the Apple products. When I send a file to a Mac - iPad user some of the fonts disappear, get moved or go crazy, especially if the iPad is working horizontally. The file looks fine on my PC. Any advise on what to do or where to go read about it? I am attaching screen shots of the file. Thanks


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          Here goes just one screen shot. I sent the six screen shots compressed but the forum does not allow winzip files.


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            What fonts are you using? What size? Display problem is related to a single font or a single size?

            Your text is running into your Lines. You are apparently not using the borders of the fields but graphic lines.

            I would suggest making a database from one of the included solutions, setting it to the fonts you are using above, and testing.

            Designing a layout optimized for FileMaker Go
            What should I keep in mind when developing a layout to be viewed on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad?
            Answer ID: 7748
            Last Updated: Apr 05, 2012

            Below are some guidlines to consider when designing layouts for the desktop, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

            Content width for theiPhone and iPod touch 
            312 px is the ideal width for a layout to be viewed on the iPhone or iPod touch.  Anything wider requires the user to zoom out to see the whole page, making text and buttons harder to read and interact with.

            Object size
            Users will be navigating with their fingers instead of a mouse cursor. The use of large buttons and fields will make it much easier to interact with your database.

            Fonts render slightly differently on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch than they do on the desktop. Increase the field height to prevent the bottoms of characters, such as “g”, from being cut off.  

            Data entry considerations

            • Avoid using radio buttons; there is no way to deselect an option so that no options are selected
            • Users will not be able to insert values into a field from an index
            • Auto-complete using existing values is not supported
            • Avoid mixing text styles in a text field. FileMaker Go might not display all text formatting if there are mixed text styles or paragraph styles in one text object. Editing a text field in FileMaker Go reverts all styles in that field to plain text
            • Users will only be able edit about 64K of text at a time. The amount of text that a user can edit changes as the text editor tries to keep the truncation point at a word break location
            • Asian languages: sideways text and Furigana aren’t supported
            • Input method editors (IMEs) will not work in text fields that have script triggers set up to catch keystrokes

            Refer to the FileMaker Go Development Guide or FileMaker Go Technical Brief  for more information and considerations on developing solutions to be accessed with FileMaker Go.

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              Hi, David. I am very thankful for your promt answer. I will be checking the links you included. I do not have any Apple product to try the file, only when I send the file to an Apple user I get comments on its looks.

              I am using three fonts: Arial, Arial Narrow and Arial Narrow Bold, but not combining them into one line.

              I did not know buttons can not be used on iPads, can I replace them with check Boxes?. 

              What do you mean by "You are apparently not using the borders of the fields but graphic lines."? I use the text tool to write over the background.

              I am applying most of the guidelines you posted. But, is it possible to have predefined value lists to use with iPad?


              And thank you again for your advise. God bless.

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                " I use the text tool to write over the background."

                Meaning the lines, black headings are all separate graphics, or one large graphic?
                An imported graphic or created in filemaker?