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    Hidden Data



      Hidden Data


      Hi, I'm currently using File Maker Pro 9 Advanced. I've created a data base for the company I work for. The data I'm importing was originally all on an excel spreadsheet. I created the new database and then imported the excel records into the various new fields. Everything displays as normal in the database but when I go to the export files out to an excel file again (to have as a back up) there is data that appears in the excel sheet but not in file maker pro. It's data that was in the original file imported but didn't appear in file maker.  Obviously the data is hidden there somewhere but I can't figure out how to find in within that field! Can anyone help?



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          Presumably you have tested to see that if one of the fields has new data entered into it via your FM application and then you re-export the file that you can see the new/additional data.  If all you see is the new data, then there is one problem.  If you still see the old data as well as the newly entered data the problem is slightly different.  I have seen this once before where the data contained special characters like carriage returns or a combination of &?? that was then interpreted by the program to be ignored and all the special characters had to be removed from the original data before it was visible on the new system!

          Or is it a simple thing like the colour of your text is the same as the colour as the input field and it appears not to be there because you can't see it, for example white on white?