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Hidden functionality?

Question asked by ZoXo on Jan 15, 2013
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Hidden functionality?


     I created a script in which I needed to set a field to the value "Other".  What I did not include was the quotes.

     FileMaker accepted this as input, which I thought was strange, but I let it do it's thing.  What happened is

     that FileMaker set the field to the number 10 when the script was run.  

     This begs the question:  Are there other words that when entered without quotes will set fields with data

     that seemingly has nothing to do with what was entered?

     So if:

     Other = 10

     what else can I code into a calculation that will give me output?

     and if this is normal behavior for FileMaker, it would be good to know which words when entered without quotes

     will cause no errors and still enter data.......