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    Hidden Objects (multiple criteria)



      Hidden Objects (multiple criteria)


      Hi everyone

      Been working on something since Friday and I can't seem to get it right and I'm sure it's something I'm not understanding.

      Working on a time clock and I have 4 fields.. Clock IN, BreakTimeOut, BreakTimeIN, Clock Out

      On the layout I want to keep it sparse so I would to have 4 buttons hide under certain conditions. The buttons are for simplistic sake..

      Clock IN for the Day
      Break Time Clock Out
      Break Over Clock Back In
      Clock Out for the Day

      (now that I'm writing this maybe I should just use two buttons.. Clock IN and Clock Out but I would like to understand how it might work if using those 4 buttons.

      Basically if the user clicks a button.. it drops the time in the appropriate field.. and I want the buttons to show and hide respectively based on if on or more of the fields are empty or not empty. For example.. The layout starts off in Find Mode so the user can scan his/her ID card, finds their record and goes back into Browse Mode. So say I click the CLOCK IN button and it's Hide Object When: and I start working with the below statement.

      (Get(WindowMode) = 1) 
      ((not IsEmpty(CLOCK_IN) and (not IsEmpty(BREAK_OUT) and (not IsEmpty(BREAK_IN) and (not IsEmpty(CLOCK OUT)))))
      (not (IsEmpty(CLOCK IN)))
      (not IsEmpty(CLOCK OUT))

      Any advice would be helpful. :)