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Hide Button when time Choosen

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Apr 7, 2015


Hide Button when time Choosen


Hi everyone

Been struggling with this for a day now, still no solution, although i'm getting closer.

I made a booking system for my colleagues, but there sometimes happens to be a double booking.

I want to avoid this, by Hiding the "Choose this time" button, when a user selects a certain time first, so other users won't be able to book the same time - I guess the chances of two different users, simultaneously click the same button/time is fairly small..?

My challenge is, that I can't seem to Hide the "Choose this time" button and likewise make the button reappear, if not the user want's the first selected time, but chooses another.

I've linked an image of the layout etc.

Please Yell, if more information is required.