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    hide characters in filed



      hide characters in filed


      Hello , I'm using Fmp 10 on Win vista,

      I want to hide characters in my password field , I've created a paasword global field in the "add accounts section" and want to hide characters during data entry .


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          Steve Wright

          I think this should do the trick for you : http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demosX/demoX05.html

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            Another option is to not allow the user to enter a password in such a field at all. Instead, give all new accounts the same password such as "new" and then select the option that requires the new user to specify a new password when they first log in.

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              Steve Wright

              Another option is to use 'Show Custom Dialog' with the field specified to use a password character (in the dialog setup)

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                I've been playing around with this because I did not wan to install a "bullet font" on all of my client machines.  Utilizing script triggers I came up with a way to make this work.  It might just work on FileMaker Go as well but I'm not going to start that part of my project for a few months.  

                You will need two fields, my table is called login and I am using global storage for both.

                Field 1. Password - to hold the actual password

                Field 2. Display Password - this field is actually on your layout where you enter the password into.  For this field in your layout you need to set a Script trigger OnObjectModify.  I called my script "Mask Password"

                Here is the script:

                If [(Length (Login::Display Password)-1) = Length (Login::Password)]

                Set Variable [$PasswordTemp; Value: Login::Password]

                Set Field [Login::Password; $PasswordTemp & Right (Login::Display Password;1)]

                Set Variable [$DisplayPasswordTemp; Value: Login::Display Password]

                Set Field [Login::Display Password; Left ( $displayPasswordTemp ; Length ( $DisplayPasswordTemp) - 1 ) & "•"]

                Halt Script

                End If

                Set Variable [$PasswordTemp; Value: Login::Password]

                Set Field [Login::Password; Left ($PasswordTemp ; Length ( Login::Display Password ))]

                Go to Field [Login::Display Password]

                This allows you to not only type in the password and mask it using bullets but you can backspace and correct a mistake.  If you place your cursor in the middle of the field and make a change then the whole thing falls apart, but my theory is you should not do that in a password field anyway.

                The character typed in the field is displayed for a fraction of a second but I could not tell what it was before it is replaced with a bullet.  VPN Connection, OS Used, Computer Processor, etc. might effect this but try it out and see if it works for you.  FYI I am developing in Filemaker 11 on a Mac Core Duo 2 GHz with 2 GB RAM running 10.6 , your mileage may vary.

                If someone has a more elegant solution let me know.  In my experience every Solution seems to have a hundred different ways to accomplish the same task.  The trick is finding the elegant one that will not drag your database to a crawl.

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                  I'm having a similar issue.   I don't think what I want to do should be very difficult.  I'm trying to hide data when the data is typed or printed; basically, I want the data to appear as bullets.  Somewhere on File Maker I read that I needed Script Master 360 plug-in.  I think I was trying to actually encrypt the data.  I downloaded the free program, but it is too technical for me & I don't think that is what I need to do.  Previously, in this thread, this link was provided & I think it would do the trick (provided it is easy to operate).  How do I get the "auto bullet" feature to work on my File Maker?


                  I hope someone can direct me to the solution.  Any information will be greatly appreciated!

                  Thank you,