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Hide Fields in Reports/ Conditional Field showing...

Question asked by whiplash5000 on Nov 10, 2009
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Hide Fields in Reports/ Conditional Field showing...




I'm a newb when it comes to Filemaker and I'm having a difficult time with two aspects of a sub summary report that I have to make for work.  


Problem One- I have a long list of fields that have information in them- but some of the fields do not have data entered into the fields.  When this occurs, I want to hide the Label and the Field and have the information move up.  I set sliding/printing to 'sliding up based on All above and Also reduce the size of the enclosing part' but when I go to look at my report in preview mode, it doesn't move up, leaves the open field and keeps the label there. 


How do I remove the label and move the information up in this report?


Problem Two- I need to devise a script for the report that would allow information in the report to be added based on what tag I assign it.


For Example- if I add a film to my report that is in pre-production- I want it to only put the Start and Wrap of the film in the report.  If I add a film that is in post, I want it to display not the start and wrap but the Answer print and Release date.  


How would I accomplish this?


Thanks for the support!