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Hide from printing

Question asked by ScottSesen on Sep 28, 2011
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Hide from printing


 Good morning,

Does anyone know if there is a way to hide a field from printing ONLY if it is empty?  Here is what I am trying to do...


I want to create an invoice to print.  The data will come from values in fields entered by our associates.  I have created, for example:


For say Widgets there is QTY, Description, Unit Price and total price.  There are the same types of fields for product X and Y and Z etc.  The associate will go in and put in say QTY 5, Group4 Widgets, Unit price of 1.25.  They then might do the same for product Y.  How do I create an invoice that ONLY shows the lines for Widgets and Product Y but does not show the lines for all the other products that have no values in them?


I hope my explanation is concise enough for you to get the idea but I can try to elaborate if needed.


I have attached an image of the input fields


One other note.  The description and unit price can and will change almost every time so I can't just put in a "product" in the FM built in invoice template.


Thanks for all your help.