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    Hide image(button) if Field value = 0



      Hide image(button) if Field value = 0


      Hello everybody, 

                                I want an image (also functioning as a button) to be displayed if a field value = 0 and once the field value = 1 then the image should disappear automatically. 



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          Put the image in a global container field.

          Define a calculation with "container" specified as its return type.

          Define the calculation as:

          If ( FieldValue = 0 ; GlobalContainerField )

          Put this calculation field on your layout and either set it up as your button.

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            Phil's response is workable and sensible.  As another approach that would avoid the two extra fields described above, you could put the image-based button on your layout, then overlap that with a text object containing only a space; normally the text object should be transparent, but give it a conditional-formatting fill color to match your layout background for the condition(s) in which it should blank out the button (FieldValue = 1 ).

            The weakness here is that it'd be nigh-impossible to mask the button if the layout background were a gradient, image, or anything else other than a solid color.  Also, any tooltip text you have on the image-button would be suppressed by the overlapping text object; if you needed a tooltip using this approach, you'd need to put it on the text object.

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              There are a number of options for controlling layout object visibility. See this demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/XGrhkmVV/LayoutObjectVisibilityControlD.html

              In addition, I've read that Filemaker 12 users can use conditional formatting to make tab panels appear and disappear--though I haven't tried it...