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    hide main window



      hide main window


      Is there a way to hide the main FMP window? I'm really wanting to have the users just be able to see the windows I've created, but they all are confined within the FMP window.


      this is on a windows machine if that is important.

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          It's a frustrating aspect of FileMaker that I would like to see changed. The only way I know to hide the application window is to maximize your windows. Of course this then limits you to just one visible window plus one custom dialog you might have opened.

          The closest I can come to this is to use scripting to resize the original window back out to its largest possible unmaximized size after using new window to pop up the new window. This leads me to keep to a very simple windows utilization scheme in FileMaker on Windows. I try to limit my systems to no more than two visible windows at a time--one "almost maximized" parent window and no more than one child window (used as a better modal dialog box than you can get with Show Custom Dialog) open in front of it. When the child window is closed, the script used to close the window also maximizes windows to make the application window disappear...