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Hide Object When

Question asked by scottworld on Aug 6, 2014
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Hide Object When


     Hi there,
     I have a layout that has 31 unstored calculation fields on it. (It is a 1 month calendar view of inventory availability.) My client loves this layout, but it can be really slow to load because of all the unstored calculations. 
     The good news is that my client only needs to view these unstored calculation fields on this layout SOME of the time. MOST of the time, they just need to view the normal stored fields on this layout.
     So my question is this:
     If I use FileMaker 13's new "Hide Object When" functionality to HIDE the 31 unstored calcs when they're unneeded, will that ALSO stop FileMaker 13 from evaluating those unstored calcs? 
     In other words, if those 31 unstored calcs are hidden from view using this new FM13 functionality, will my client see a speed increase when loading the layout?
     If yes, I can give my client a toggle to either "show" or "hide" these unstored calcs, so they only appear on the layout when necessary. 
     If no, then I will need to offset these calcs to an entirely different layout altogether.