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    Hide Object When Calculation problem



      Hide Object When Calculation problem


      I'm new to Filemaker and am working on a legal research database.  I have a table for Commentary sources and want to be able to hide certain fields depending on the type of source.  I have a field named "type" which I have created a pop up value list comprising of Book, Journal, Internet Materials and Conference Papers.

      I have a calculation in the hide object when which is CommentarySource::Type ≠ "Book" with the intention that certain fields will be hidden when any types, other than book, are selected.  I will have similar calculations for the other types of commentary source.

      In Browse mode the field is always hidden, it does not change when I select different values from the pop up list.  If I remove the list and manually enter the type into the type field the "hide object when calculation" works but I really want to be able to select from the pop up list.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why it doesn't seem to work when the type is selected from a pop up list?

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          It would appear that the value list is entering different data than "Book" when you select from that value list. Is this a custom values value list? If so, check for an extra space before or after the value. Is this a "use values from field" value list? If so, perhaps the text "book" is from the second field and your drop down list is actually entering an ID number.

          If that's not it, try committing records after selecting from the value list by clicking the layout background. If that's all that's needed, a script can do the same from a script trigger set on the field.

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            Thank you so very much Phil!  It was a custom value list and when I went back and had a look at it, I had put a space after the word "Book".  I spent ages yesterday trying to figure out what was wrong, but everything works perfectly now.  I really appreciate the help.