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Hide Object When Query

Question asked by pmehta91 on Dec 2, 2014
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Hide Object When Query


I have set up a portal of companies and products. A company has many different  products. I have set up a check box which states whether that product is a preferred product or not. For example, if a person searches for pens, the list of companies which sell pens come up, a button takes them to the company which is the preferred company.

In the search results list layout, I have put text which says "preferred supplier" in red font. However, I want this to display only when the company is a preferred supplier, so in the hide option when area I inserted the formula :

"{Product &  Brand info}::Preferred ≠ "Preferred"

This works perfectly. However it only works on the record which is first in the portal row. If I was to have a company which sells pens and it was second in the portal, with the check box crossed, the preferred supplier in red font does not appear, 

Hope it is not too confusing, but was wondering if anyone could help to fix this.