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    Hide or Automatically Insert Account Name



      Hide or Automatically Insert Account Name



      I've created a runtime solution that asks each user to change their password on the first use, but I was wondering if there was also a way to have it so that they don't have to type in the Account Name each time.  Filemaker automatically defaults to the system name, and some of my customers seem to be having difficulty in remembering that they need to type in the account name each time (this was designed for low-tech users).  Is there a way to either auto-insert the proper account name upon opening the file each time, or any other way to make it so that all they have to do is type in the password?

      Thanks for any help on this...


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          Two years ago, I posted feedback and then a suggestion at: http://www.filemaker.com/company/feature_request.html

          That we need to be able to control whether the user name or some other text was the default account name. That didn't engender much support here in the forum at that time. I don't know of a way to do this easily in FileMaker though it may, in theory, be possible to set up an installer that modifies the registry or preferences file so that FileMaker's User Name is set automatically to the account name default you want.

          You should be able to instruct them to open Edit | Preferences and enter their account name as the user name there. They'd only have to do that once--but that's still a job I'd prefer no to stick a new user with each time they install a run time on their system.

          In my system, I wanted to give all low level employees the same limited permission password rather than maintain separate accounts and passwords for each--especially as the same user may use one of 3 or 4 different computers on different days and the user name is used in scripts to identify the specific client computer on which the script is executed. I ended up defining the same password over and over again, but with different account names--one for each computer user name--just to avoid the extra confusion over what account name to use when logging on to the database systems.

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            What is you had:

            - a layout with a big: "Enter the Account Name and Password you want to use with this system" which would take you there on opening, only if the AccountName field was blank.  The AccountName and Password fields are trapped in a Preferences table.  You can have a double-check of password, etc.

            - Once completed that first time, use a script to set that username and password as an additional account, once.

            - set the file to open with a default account - it's irrelevant; 'User', and 'Password'

            - run an 'On opening...'  script immediately offering the 'Re-log-in' script step, and put the default AccountName in the user box.  Allow User Abort [Off].

            - from then on the user would not realise the file was opening and then immediately asking them to log in, and would only have to enter their password.

            Maybe triggers someone else to think how to make that into a workable idea.

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              Thanks for your feedback guys.  Sorsbuster, I'm afraid I don't understand quite what you're suggesting.  I think I see how you could use the "Add Account" script step and global fields to set it up the first time, but then I don't understand what you're saying with how to bring in the Re-log-in script step and make it so they only have the password field showing from then on...

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                Sorry - the dialogue will indeed be the standard dialogue, but it will already have the correct, personalised, account name filled in.  From memory it is also tabbed in the password field.