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Hide/Show Field with Check Box Value List

Question asked by WilliamSouth on Jul 17, 2014
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Hide/Show Field with Check Box Value List


     I'm  trying to have two fields hide/show when certain check boxes are checked in a value list.

     I have been using "the hide object when" option using this calculation

     Filter ( Customer Market::Found by  ; " Other" )≠" Other" or Filter ( Customer Market::Found by  ; " Recommended By" )≠" Recommended By"

     but this only works when one check box is check not multiples values.

     I was looking into this Calculation below but this is wrong some where

     FilterValues(ValueListItems("Customer Market::Found by";"How you Found Us");" Recommended By")≠" Recommended By"

     I have added a screen shoot of my check box value list to help clarify