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    Hide/Show Object question



      Hide/Show Object question


      I have a list of Items that appears in a Portal. A line of buttons resides beside each Item in the list (each button transfers the user to a different layout; although the reason doesn't matter here). The repetition of all these buttons besides the list items creates a real clutter. The hoped for solution: When the user selects/clicks on a title in the list, the only buttons beside that selected title appear and become available for use. Is there a "Hide Object When" Behavior script that can be used for this?

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          Say your portal table's primary key is named: __pkPortalTableID. Say your portal's table is named "Portal".

          The OnObjectEnter trigger on your portal might run this script:

          Set Variable [ $$PortalID ; value: Portal::__pkPortalTableID ]

          Hide Object When for the buttons might be set as: Portal::__pkPortalTableID ≠ $$PortalID

          Haven't actually tried this, if you get problems getting things to update smoothly, give the button an object name and include a Refresh Object step specifying that object name as the last line of the OnObjectEnter performed script.